SOFTtelPay Benefits to Your Utility Company
• Accepts credit/debit card payments with or without a merchant account
• Payment calls eliminated
• Balance inquiry calls eliminated
• Reduces call-ins, walk-ins, and mail-ins
• Reduces late notices and shut-offs
• Helps you to be more responsive to your customers
• Records messages to inform your customers
• Provides transaction information to use in your billing system
• Customizable web banner

SOFTtelPay Benefits to Your Customer
• Pay their bill with credit/debit card
• Pay by phone 24/7 - Anytime - Anywhere
• Save time
• Printable web receipt for the customer
• Save money on stamps, checks and gas
• Payments accepted up to the last minute
• Messages with important information
• Confirmation number supplied to verify payments
• Access to account information such as balance, last payment date, late balance date



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